7 Life Lessons you should know about.

Life is a journey. It's a school. We learn and grow every day. I learned these lessons but I feel I should share them so you can learn them too.

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1. Let God be God
Sometimes we tend to leave our role as humans to play God's role. God is the only one in charge of everything. There are situations and circumstances you don't have control over. Instead of focusing on scenarios like that, how about you focus on what you have control over?

2. The body loves comfort.

The body loves being at ease. Have you tried reading at dawn under cold weather? Well, I have tried that and sincerely I ended up sleeping. To succeed, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

3. Conversations are therapeutic.

Can you recall a time when you searched for an item? How did you feel when you found it? So relieved, right? It’s the same thing conversations do for me. They have taken me many steps towards my goals. Just one conversation is enough to fast-track your personal and professional growth by 70%. Good conversations demystify and heal.

4. Your story is unique.

Back in high school, I loved good handwriting so I tried to imitate all handwriting styles that appealed to me. So, different styles of writing were found written in my notebook. The same thing happened to me in my career. When I began to take my life seriously, I fell into the comparison trap. As a result, I felt that my story isn’t as inspiring as that of some people. I felt I would only become inspiring when I have the experience of some people. Well, I learned in September that my story is unique and I should treat it as such. The principles of success are general but the stories are quite different.

So I am done with trying to be another person. I am no longer a slave to comparison. Let the Super Star challenge me to be a better version of myself.

5. People are seeing what you are doing. Keep showing up consistently.

Show up even when you can’t see anyone cheering you to keep up the good work. Show up. People are seeing your good work. They may not stop to say to you, hey you are doing well. I believe that most people say that in their hearts. So, show up.

6. Weeds that are not removed will grow.

Weeds are unwanted habits, lifestyles that you don’t like and that won’t help you to become who you want to be. Trust me, it is so easy to learn them and you are mostly unaware of them until you find yourself practicing them. They grow with time especially when you are not doing anything to deal with them.

7. The first Startup or company to find is yourself.

I have always desired to be a founder of something positive; an agency, organization, etc. I have seen students that are founders of agencies, non-governmental organizations, Startups, etc. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were created by the same God and If we had the same number of brain cells. I recall calling myself an empty head because almost every young person around me was a founder of something big. My prayers were more of, God when will I find something positive that can make this one a better place?

Well, I have found something positive.

Look at what I found;

-Myself and TACT-W initiative.

I found my first agency; myself. I am not done yet. I am still discovering myself.

Second, I found the TACT-W initiative; my millennium fellowship project. It helped 104 students from Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya, Michigan, Uganda, and South Africa to develop their writing skills. I found myself before birthing the initiative. I understood my skill sets and how I can use them to contribute positively to the world.

Are you an aspiring founder like myself?

I will advise you to find yourself first because the personality of the founder is integral to the success of the agency, bor business, and organization that will be found.

In finding you, you will get to discover traits, attitudes that should be worked on, and weeds that should be removed.
Right now, I am paying attention to the process of learning from the mistakes, values, etc of founders.

While you wait to find the next fortune 500 company, pay attention to the process.

Thank you for reading.

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Creative Technical writer| I help beginners to understand Blockchain Technology using content|

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Amarachukwu Awaeze

Amarachukwu Awaeze

Creative Technical writer| I help beginners to understand Blockchain Technology using content|

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